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Our Hero Modern Literature is home to many classic tales. I don’t recall any at this very moment but I am sure there are many, probably something by John Grisham, people seem to enjoy his works. Like that one about the lawyer who fought against all odds. But there is one tale that I don’t think gets enough respect, and that is the captivating story of Mega Man. Part of the problem seems to be that people have trouble grasping his story. I can’t count the times that somebody said to me, “Johnny, I just don’t understand Mega Man, the games are fun but the story is complicated.

I feel like I am missing out on something.” I understand this problem, because the games are often unclear about certain aspects, so that means you have to look to other sources like instruction manuals and shit people have made up on the internet. Most people don’t have time to study Mega Man. I on the other hand, not only have studied Mega Man but have written several essays on the subject of Mega Man for the New Yorker. So I am taking is upon myself to explain the story line of the Mega Man game, so that everybody can know the details behind this compelling saga

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